Why Hinge Method

The key to relieving back pain and increasing your fitness lies in our power bands.


Power bands are the key
The power bands in your kit (click here to purchase) ensure perfect form without the guesswork. Holding the small orange band keeps your shoulders, back, and neck aligned. The larger power band around your hips automatically brings hips, hamstrings, and shoulders in line. By pulling the hips back, this simple tool increases flexibility while creating tension between your heel and the ground.

Strong and toned hips
Engaging that heel connection is the simple - yet revolutionary - movement that creates strong glutes, hips and back. You’ll love the results that come from the resistance. And all this without putting any stress on the joints.

Relieve your back pain with the best workout you’ll ever do
The power band’s continued tension paired with your increased strength means the workout gets harder as you get better. Never before have you been able to relieve back pain, increase flexibility, and lose inches so effectively-- in your own home and on your own time.

The Hinge Method can relieve your back pain today.  Click here to get started.