what is hingemethod?

My name is Howard Waldstreicher and I am the owner of HalfHourPower, one of the leading fitness studios in Denver.

Through my work with top athletes, I have developed a unique program, HingeMethod, that will help you conquer your back pain as well as your hip and knee pain. I am offering you the same experience.

My HIngeMethod program trains the posterior chain muscles--back, glutes, and hamstrings--shifting the burden of support to where it belongs: the large muscle groups. By incorporating a series of powerful movements into your routine, you will be fit, healthy and pain free.

What is it worth to you to be pain free?  I have helped professionals, and I will help you.

sitting is the illness; movement is the cure


We spend most of our time seated behind the wheel of a car, or sitting on a train, or in front of a computer screen at work, or looking at your phone as you text and email, or sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening, or all of the above.

This is common for people in today’s world, and here’s what it is doing to you, if you’re in a similar situation.

A lifetime of sitting has changed your body. Since your legs don’t have to hold you up, your lower back does the job instead, which is not what the lower back is designed to do.

You feel the consequences in recurring back pain, which is getting worse as well as pain in your hips and knees.

Explore the HingeMethod, a program that restores and strengthens your back while toning and sculpting your hips and butt.

What You Get…

  • Instant Access to videos after purchase.

  • HingeMethod - 28 minute follow along workout routine to restore and strengthen your back ($25 value).

  • Special Bonus! 17 minute follow along workout for your glutes ($20 value).

  • Custom PowerBand that I use in my studio classes and with all my athletes ($20 value).

  • An expert trainer to guide you! ($100 value, but priceless).

  • Personal Service - Email me your questions anytime.

  • Free Shipping.

You Get All Of This For Only $27! Order Now!

real people. real results.

a letter of gratitude

Dear Howard,


I just wanted to let you know that your Hinge Method has already made a profound change in my life.  Seriously.  As you know, for 25 years I’ve battled back pain and have tried literally every remedy short of surgery.  When my two kids came along, I felt helpless before the pain.

Nothing else has ever helped me in such a short amount of time as the Hinge Method.  The back strengthening exercises are actually fixing the problem, not just providing short term pain relief like chiropractic work, acupuncture, stretches, and pain meds.  I actually “forget” about my back… 😊

And it was so easy to add the Hinge Method to my routine; just a few times a week, for less than 2 hours in total.  Thank you falls short when it comes to how dazzled I am by the Hinge Method results.  It truly has changed the quality of my day-to-day life.

Pain Free Regards,

Kimberly S.


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